Hello from Heartisans!

Today, many people with learning disabilities are still trying to find a way to fit in with society. Some might often feel left out because of their differences, but instead, we see it as their uniqueness and it shouldn't be a factor that determines their worth as a person. So we decided to present their ability and talent for the world to appreciate through our brand "Heartist". 

We want to change the old mindset on disabled people and their products. Disable people are seen as helpless and that they are not capable of doing things that others do. In the Thai society, products from them seem to have little value and people usually buy a product from them out of pitifulness. We don't want people to buy the product just because they want to help them, but to buy it because they see the value in the product itself.

Our product is made to display the beauty and creativity of the artwork made by children with learning disabilities. To us they are artists and every piece of their work is a masterpiece. The details on each woven fabric may be imperfect, but it's "IMPERFECTLY PERFECT".




Account : 019-276-0437

Name: Waritsaruta M.

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